Snow Cafe

Coffee, Latte, Espresso, Deserts & Sandwiches

About Snow Café

This Snow Café, a dessert bar like no other, home to a whole new world of delicious flavors and tastes. At Snow Cafe traditional confections are re-imagined and spiked with healthy dose of Asian Flare. Thanks to unique ingredients like Green Tea, Kobacha, Yuzu and more. Our desserts pack innovative flavors and unexpected benefits into every bite. Snow Cafe is truly one of a kind.

Our coffee is directly imported from our farm in Ethiopia, roasted in the DMV and served to perfection at our café. Ethiopia is the birthplace of Arabica coffee, and is home to some of the most diverse varieties on the planet. Due to this, the cup profile can vary drastically, but certain regions produce coffees which are distinctive. Yirgacheffe is traditionally known for its perfumey jasmine, floral, and citrusy characteristics. Naturally processed coffees from Yirgacheffe have proved themselves to be an amazing alternative to the traditional offerings from Harrar and Sidama. The cup profile is the beautiful simplicity of Yirgacheffe with strawberries and cream thrown in the mix, while Harrar/Sidama is known to be clasically more jammy and wild with a distinct blueberry note.

At Snow Café serving the very best coffee, espresso or latte is one of our highest priorities.  Only can the perfect cup compliment our amazing deserts.

Our Specialties

Snow Ice – What is a snow ice dessert exactly? The wonderful art of snow ice desserts is made by shaving blocks of ice.  The result of the shavings is an all most powder-like – or snow-like – substance.  From there, we here at Snow Café have produced great snow ice desserts for your enjoyment, to include Patbingsu, Fruit Party, Ultimate, Mango, Matcha, Coffee, Volcano & Strawberry.  Check out our gallery to see some of our sweet offerings!

Belgian Waffles – Are Belgian waffles with jalapenos a bit too hot for you? No problem!  We have other fun options, such as Belgian waffles with Nutella and gelato; as well as with strawberry, banana, and banana with nuts.

What else do we serve? So much more!  Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, pit stops or Sunday brunches.  We serve an assortment of fresh and creative dishes – gelato, breakfast platters, omelets, salads, sandwiches, paninis, burritos, and specialty coffee and teas (cold and hot!) to keep you happy and going strong throughout each day. Click here to check out our full menu or click here to view our tantalizing gallery showcase.

Enjoy an authentic, friendly & adventurous café dining experience right in Ellicott City, a part of the greater Baltimore-Washington, DC metro area!