About Snow Ice Desserts

The history of Korean snow ice desserts:

EPhoto of Snow Ice with Fruitxperience a piece of Korea.  The history of snow ice (aka Patbingsu, aka Bing Soo, aka Korean shaved ice) dates back as far as the 12th century.  Back then this sweet dessert consisted of shaved ice and only a few ingredients, primarily red bean paste, Korean rice cakes, and ground nut powder.  In the mid-20th century, foreign influence led to the addition of nuts, ice cream, ereal, syrups, whipped cream, fruit cocktail, and fruits, to include maraschino cherries.

Join us in experiencing the traditional snow ice flavors of patbingsu, coffee, and green tea (Matcha); in addition to our creations of fruit party, ultimate, mango, volcano, and strawberry.

We look forward to meeting you!